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Just a $5 donation can help a homeless veteran in our program.

TIME TO END THIS ATROCITY… We Have A Solution! Given a purpose and mission, veterans tend to rise to the occasion from the ashes.


A homeless veteran is federally defined under the McKinney-Vento Act as an individual or family lacking fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence. Thanks to efforts by this committee, the definition is also expanded to include those fleeing domestic violence and other dangerous or life-threatening conditions.

Immunity to homelessness does not exist for any subset of the veteran population. Homelessness does not discriminate against gender or race, though it is worth noting that women veterans are an exceptionally vulnerable portion of this population. Women veterans are at an increased risk of homelessness (2.4 percent) when compared to their male veteran counterparts (1.4 percent). This is in part due to their increased risk of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), loss of employment, dissolution of marriages, and feelings of having a lack of gender-specific support. These increased risks may all be amplified if the veteran does not self-identify as a veteran –– meaning they may be less likely to be offered or seek veterans benefits. It is also important to note that 21 percent of homeless women veterans have dependent children, which often times may add to the anxiety and importance of finding permanent housing. In the VFW’s survey of women veterans, 46 percent of women veterans who were homeless or at risk of becoming homeless were currently living in another person’s home, of that 46 percent, 71 percent have children.

Let’s work together and end veteran homelessness through supporting COSIG’s efforts of HELPING, HOUSING and TRAINING Homeless Veterans. We will be sending these veterans back into service for our country!

Can you help COSIG by donating $5 and spreading the word about our program?


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