What Hope Looks Like!

Rachel Buckley

What Hope Looks Like!

Today I had the great fortune of meeting 9-year-old Rachel Buckley. Rachel has two siblings, a loving mother, and father. Her father is an active duty soldier in the U.S. Army. Rachel has leukemia and lives in Prince George, Virginia. This is what hope looks like!

My day was filled with a reminder of how simple things can make someone’s day. Today reminded me of simpler times when I use to laugh so hard that my side would ache. Well, today that laughter returned thanks to the Buckley family sharing their space and time with me. I am so thankful and grateful for being apart of today’s activities. It blessed my spirit as well as it did for the Buckley family. Here is what we accomplished today.

The family enjoyed a limo ride to breakfast and day of fun and leisure. This is the Buckley family preparing to depart for 4 hours.


The limo was a sure hit with the children. They were excited and ready to ride!


The big reveal at the end of what the Buckley family called ‘THE GREATEST DAY EVER’! 


We at COSIG, Inc. would like to express our thanks and gratitude for being allowed to help bring so many smiles to the faces of the Buckley family. COSIG does not think lightly of the gratitude and thanks expressed by the Buckley family.

It was an honor to serve the Buckley family.

COSIG, Inc. teamed with three other amazing organizations on this day. The following organizations were involved:

ROC Solid Foundation – http://rocsolidfoundation.org/

Roc Solid Foundation® builds hope for children battling cancer and their families by offering opportunities for them to do what they do best – play.

BB&T Bank –  106 North 2nd Ave, Hopewell, VA Branch

Our culture reflects our vision, mission, and values. Since 1872, BB&T has operated on the principle that each individual is capable of making a positive impact on the organization. It’s a belief that has allowed BB&T to evolve into one of the financial service industry’s highest performers.

Enhancing Education – http://enhancingedu.org/

Believing in the value of success, Enhancing Education aims to encourage, motivate and educate the youth in our school systems throughout Central Virginia.

We strongly urge and request that anyone wanting to volunteer your time to help any of these great causes should, simply reach out and contact the organization so you can get connected to the next great event!


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